Viva Las Vegas!

Goodbye dodgy hostel, Las Vegas here we come. We set off on our roadtrip from San Francisco at about 10am. We have had a great few days and are feeling pumped about the next leg of our trip.

The drive through the countryside was fairly plain but really peaceful and fun purring along with ease in our mustang. It was interesting comparing NZ countryside to the baron farms overcrowded with cattle and no green grass. If I come back as a cow I hope it’s in NZ!


We are going to get fat! No wonder so many Americans are obese. The food and treats here are soooo delicious, cheap and fatty. We stopped at a petrol station (where petrol is less than $1 a litre, yeaah!) and enjoyed massive slices of pizza and a litre cup of Dr Pepper for around $5. America is awesome! We also witnessed the trucker culture: the truck stop had showers, a movie showing and a million power-points for charging your devices… and swarms of truck drivers (not a woman in sight).

The road trip took about 11 hours and we arrived in Las Vegas at about 10pm. Upon getting to our room we both danced with joy after our experience at the hostel . This room costs $35 a night for both of us whereas crappy mc-crap hostel (sorry still a bit dark on this subject) cost $25 each a night. Crazy huh!


We plan to visit the main strip tomorrow but so far Vegas is what you would expect. Bright lights, a glamorous surface but as far as we can see from the casino in our hotel, it is a pretty sad place where lots of people throw away their cash and their lives. Had an amazing dinner at the hotel – I think the food is really cheap so people keep gambling rather than leaving the facility. It is going to be a strange time in Vegas analysing that kind of stuff but mostly I think we will just enjoy it on a surface level.

Anyway, Love to you all.